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Fits Of Laughter

You Just Might Let a Snort Fly!

LJ'rs That Just Wanna Have Fun!
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 A place to share the funny side of life and enjoy...

Feel free to share happy, silly, ironic, humorous, "hell-ya" and cute pictures, stories, jokes, news articles, whatever. Let's all bust a gut, snort, and maybe even say "aww".

Suggestions of items to bring on entry of this community
  • Depends or Pampers Size "6"
  • Kleenex
  • Large drink
Some things may offend, but this is just for fun. Those who lack funny bones need not join. If jokes fly over your head, I guarantee you will not like it here!

(Yes I know "groan")
  1.  No Pornography of any kind. Let's try to keep it clean.
  2.  Nudity is ok if tasteful and behind a cut
  3.  Put all large pictures behind a cut, smaller pictures are fine.
  4.  Violence is not appropriate, find another community if violent jokes & Pics make you laugh.
  5. Snarks ok, within reason, let's not single people out.
  6. You MUST laugh at least once when you enter :) Trust me, I'll know if you don't. I have LJ X-Ray Vision.
  7. Screw up once and NO Second Chances!

 Given time, we will have Contests each month(week?) for the funniest picture, joke, gag or whatever we choose.

Your Friendly Neighborhood Mods are
rainbowgem, ladyronin & simplymelodious
Please feel free to contact any one of us at any time. We'll probably ignore you and send you silly jokes :p

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